Sick Impression…

Written by : MR MIH.

           The above quote/pics inspired me to write this article.  Why? Because I have met “little” winners who make sense of their small wins or past victories. Nobody cares if you were the president of your school or brilliant in school. Nobody cares how much you made last year. Nobody cares how fluent your English is. The world only cares about what you can deliver or give to the planet. In fact, read a hundred books before the end of this month – Nobody cares,  unless you can add to the planet with what you KNOW or POSSESS.  
                      Quit playing small. Quit telling yourself lies and go for the big shots. It might take long but its worth it! Are we clear? Stop ranting about what you did or what you used to do and chase what really matters.  If money is what matters to you – chase it. If it’s love, chase it. If its freedom, don’t hesitate to go after it. If its boredom, keep talking and quit doing! 

             Aspire for BIG things, there’s no crime in that, is there? Mind   you, if you are aspiring or craving for the big shots, you need to think & act big. Keep your past victories, I don’t want to hear them. Face your today squarely to make your tomorrow count.  


                  Your fluent English won’t put food on your table. You are good at math? Good for you! Go do something vital with your knowledge and quit ranting about the algebra you solved. You have a great voice? Quit using it in your kitchen, put it out there and let people feel relieved with your “spectacular” voice. Focus on the big picture. 
Those tiny little things you do in your room or school means nothing to anyone unless it is harnessed and put out there for people to benefit from!

 What I’m I really trying to say? Well, this is what I’m trying to say to you – Shut up & get back to work!   

  Bragging, talking, wailing, wishing, doesn’t do it. Daily ,consistent moves does it. No offence to anyone, but you need to swallow your impressions.. All you need to do is simple – Shut up & Get back to work! 

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