Free Time! 

 Written By: Mr Mih             


                        It’s not new to you anymore that you have the same 24 hrs daily that the greats have. The number one and most certain similarity between you and Warren Buffet or Bill Gates is this – You have 24hrs, they have 24hrs daily! So why is there much difference (in terms of success or achievements)? The use of time. Time is free! You don’t pay for the 24hrs you spend daily, do you? Let me tell you what you pay for – You pay for the MISUSE of time.  

 Just imagine what could happen if you actually paid for the “free” time you’re using. You and I know that time is a valuable asset , right? But as valuable as time is, people waste it. People use it unethically. Why is that?  Because humans are designed NOT to appreciate free things .  The only time we value time is when we run out of time

The only set of people who truly value oxygen are those that pay for it.   The people who value motivation or getting fired up are those set of people who used to lack motivation and KNOW exactly  what it cost them. Why NOT get fired up? Maybe because you’ve succumbed to defeat!  
I clearly remember those days  in school. When we had no lectures or the lecturer or teacher failed to show up, we would be extremely happy and refer to it as “Free time”. Today, I look back at those moments and laugh at how dumb we were. Look, all time is free time. Whether you’re busy or less busy, you’re spending or using free time. You don’t pay for it, do you? Time was created for you to use it.  I don’t care if it’s week days or weekends, it’s all free time. 

Employees exchange their free time for money. Employers exchange their free time to invest in their ideas,which in the end provides freedom or wealth!  Bill Gates used his free time to create Microsoft, Mark Zuckerberg used his free time to create Facebook. Steve Jobs used his free time to create Apple. Jack Ma used his free time to create Ali Baba. Cristiano Ronaldo & Lionel Messi so far, have used their free time to create or win 5 Ballon d’Or each. Aliko Dangote used his free time to become the richest man in Africa. 

These are just a few names of the greats who have created something remarkable out of their free time.  They invested in this so-called free time to dominate and be in control of their lives and most importantly, add a great deal of VALUE to planet earth! Just a reminder – I also used my free time to create this article.  Did you learn anything from the article?  Yes? That’s called VALUE. Lastly,   I have a  question for you my friend – What Will You Create With Your Free Time???


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