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Written by: MR MIH



                        Today, I intend to reveal to you one magic key that will greatly influence your life. 98% of people that will read this article are already exposed to this magic key. KNOWING this one key is not enough. It MUST be reinforced and constantly applied. 
What’s this key? It’s READING. If you’re very observant, you’ll realize that only a “few” percentage of people like to read. No wonder only a “few” percent amongst men dominate.

The saying – Readers Are Leaders, will forever remain true. The more you know in your field determines how far you’ll go!        Make sure you KNOW a lot by just taking the time to read or study.     You’ll only have the grace to learn from other people’s experience and errors by reading. Reading is good for your brain even if you don’t like it. Just yesterday, I discovered by READING or research that the brain cells goes really active when you’re reading . 
Therefore, the more you read, the more your brain cells gets more active. Based on the research, your brain cells is NOT as active when you don’t read.

  Let’s seek clarity here – What are you reading? Romance novels? Well, according to the discovery article I read yesterday, it was discovered that – The people who read romance novels the most , develop emotional intelligence the most and they are really empathetic people. Just by reading romance novels, it also has it’s own benefits. How about reading empowering or financial intelligence books? Regardless of what you read,there is a significant rule –  The more you read, the more you KNOW. 



              You become what you study. Be highly selective about what you study and most importantly, share what you study BUT first, make sure you READ!  If you’re looking for something perfect to read or study, I suggest you get ready for my upcoming eBook which would certainly be out soon. I will reveal the title and  surplus benefits in my coming articles. Stay tuned & stay glued! 

Do you think reading is important? Why DON’T you like reading? You like reading? What other benefits of reading do you know?

Share in the comments below….

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