By : Mr Mih

Ever since I was a kid, I often hear people say to my mum – “You have a sharp kid”.  I used to wonder what it meant. Initially, I used to think sharp meant you were intelligent. I used to be happy when I heard people mention the sharp  comments at me or towards me. 

Up till today, countless people have said to me, “You’re brilliant”  or “intelligent”.  Those comments only made me feel proud when I was ignorant.  No doubt, I really do appreciate when people give me the intelligence or brilliant comments but sometimes it makes me feel bad. Why? Because being intelligent or brilliant is useless when you can’t yet produce the results you want.

 You’re not only dumb when you fail in class, you’re dumb when you can’t fetch or produce the results you want. Hey, we’re all dumb at certain things , sometimes, the crucial things. You can’t know everything, right?  In today’s world, I realized being intelligent isn’t enough. 

 Heard of the first rule of magic? Be the smartest person in the room! That sounds great and at the same time dumb to me. Why? Because being the smartest person in the room is a small place to be smart. The rule of being S.H.A.R.P in my opinion is simple – Be The Master Of Your Craft!

 Forget the rule of magic. You’re not a magician , are you?  Hey! Go master your CRAFT! As Grant Cardone would often say – “Own The Sector!”. Eat, sleep, dream and represent your craft! Stay Sharp! What does it really mean to be sharp? It isn’t about intelligence, school grades,fluent English , or wearing nice dress, it’s about one thing – staying SHARP. So, what does it really mean to be sharp? How about you check this out? 


S – Stay

H – Hungry

A – And 

R- Recuperate

P – Persistent.


     There are just 3 vital tips to get your game right from the above acronym………. You want to be the top dog in your field? You need to  STAY SHARP! You just need to STAY – 

HUNGRY :        Be grateful but keep hunting for more. The question here isn’t about how intelligent or brilliant you are, it’s about how bad you want it. The next thing you need to do is – 

RECUPERATE : Learn to pick yourself up quickly after any error,disappointment or miss. You can’t just sit there licking your wounds. Get over it and bounce back! Remember : The comeback is always greater than sitting back. Chase misery out of your life. It’s time to chase greatness! Most importantly, you need to be : 

PERSISTENT : It’s difficult to be persistent but you just gotta push yourself to do it. Persistency is the master key! Learn to do the hard stuffs everyday. Remember the first two tips before this? Being persistent is their quick catalyst to produce the exact results you want. 
So? You don’t have to be the smartest person in the room, all you need to do is STAY SHARP! 

Have a sharp 2018 ! 


Published by Mr Mih Inspirations

Mr Mih is a certified Chemist, Writer , Content creator, Public speaker, Self-help Coach, Blogger, Editor, Movie Director, and ultimately a Doer . He is the CEO of Mr Mih Inspirations, a body created to help others bring out the light (Potential) in themselves. He is passionate about getting his game to the next level and helping others do the same. His Mantra ; "Attack Or Be Attacked"! Contact @

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