What’s your story?


      By : MR MIH                         

                        Everyone’s got a story to tell. Everyone! If babies could talk immediately they come out of their mother’s womb, they’ll surely have a story to tell.  I’ve said this countless times and I wouldn’t mind repeating it – “Nobody cares about your story”.  You suffered in the past? Countless people have. In fact, countless people are still suffering, so what? Shut up! You won the lottery? Congratulations! Go find something to do or better still , go play another one. The greatest power you have in your arsenal is the power to write your own story. Don’t you think this is the year or the right time to stop living like a victim?

 Look, if you don’t decide to create your story your own way, someone else will. Believe me, you won’t be satisfied with their pitch. Your story will amount to the little steps and little decisions you make everyday. So the question I have for you is simple – Are you taking healthy or unhealthy steps towards your story? Your story will amount to what people will say behind you when you’re gone – Your legacy. If you aren’t yet thinking of leaving a juicy legacy, you are going to leave a bad one or at best a mediocre one.  Your story is not going to be about what happened in your past (unless you let it), your story is going to be mostly about what you do with your present moment to create a more fulfilling future. Are you with me? Let go of your past mistakes,crap,mishaps,junks,or errors, and dedicate your full attention on the big picture. Create for yourself a positive energy and run every single day with full awareness that you’re either building or ruining your future. Be so conscious of your every move and little decisions. I’m not asking you to be careful, I’m asking you to be conscious and alert! 

 Every single day of your life, you are creating or ruining a legacy. I’m pretty sure you don’t want to be a waste of time and skin, right? You better take full responsibility for your life. Remember : It’s your life. Your life matters to you , right? You better write a great story with every 24hr grace or gift you encounter. Grab life by the throat,or it grabs you by the throat. Do you want to strive or thrive? Do you want to struggle or actually live to make a significant life? Your story is going to be mostly about what you spend most of your time doing each day. What do spend most of your time doing each and everyday of your life? If care is not taken, that’s going to be your story.  What gets me pumped each and everyday? It’s just one question – What’s your story?!  Once I find an answer to that, I take little daily or basic steps that would move me closer to my desired story. Hey, what’s your story? 

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Published by Mr Mih Inspirations

Mr Mih is a certified Chemist, Writer , Content creator, Public speaker, Self-help Coach, Blogger, Editor, Movie Director, and ultimately a Doer . He is the CEO of Mr Mih Inspirations, a body created to help others bring out the light (Potential) in themselves. He is passionate about getting his game to the next level and helping others do the same. His Mantra ; "Attack Or Be Attacked"! Contact @ thesuperiors3@gmail.com

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