Motivational Stew.


Yes. I promised and now I’m delivering. Actually, I intend to over deliver. Yesterday, I decided to jump on the bandwagon of the “Stew everywhere” theme. Just in case you don’t understand the “stew” theme, I’ll give you a quick hint. Two days ago Starboy (Wizkid) released the video of his “Fever” video with Tiwa Savage appearing in the video.

Anything special about that? Not exactly but because the two artiste have been rumoured to be having an affair (#Everywherestew) , the video caused a huge stir on the internet. Just so you know, the video had a million views in less than twenty four hours. Must be a great video, right? You can check it out here after reading this (If you want) . The song? Sounds good to me but what made the song a viral hit? That’s not what we are here to analyze.


Wizkid might be an entertainer to y’all but hey that lad is a freaking genius at marketing. Wizkid is a business man, he isn’t just a musician. Wizkid knows how to get attention. He understands branding. Enough of the “Wizkid” rant.

I don’t care if Wizkid is dating Tiwa Savage. I care less if Wizkid starts dating Beyonce or Cardi B tomorrow. Wizkid is living his dreams. The dude is freaking wealthy – About $12 million net worth . What does this teach you and I? I’ve got to tell you this – Your life, your business , your brand depends on attention.

You can’t or don’t know how to get attention? Then, you’re in trouble. You’ve got to learn how to get people talking about you. Quit acting dull! Quit conforming. Spice up your art. Give it a different swag. Add value to it and most importantly keep it hot! Believe in your craft? Put it out there and let people see. Seek attention by all means. Attention is gold. I hear people complain about people talking about them. Look, you want people talking about you (Good or bad). No one’s talking about you? It signifies you’re irrelevant. People talk about Jesus and Mohammed every single day even after they’re gone. You get my point?

You have to figure out how to get people talking about you. Quit hiding under your mama’s and papa’s shade. Start figuring out how to make this one life you got worthwhile. Got a talent? Make every single person you meet know what you are great at. Reach out to people.

Build a life around what you’re great at. Let the rest of the world start talking and spitting out your freaking name. Use all your social mediums to grasp attention. In case you’re getting confused, this is my message to you in one line – Get Attention By All Means. “Money follows attention ” – Grant Cardone.

By the way this is my motivational Stew. Hope you enjoyed it? Work hard, work smart, get the right knowledge, and when you finally make it, help others and maybe one day you too can “stew” around with whoever you want – Your choice. Have a great weekend!

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