B Or C?

By : Mr Mih

I know the topic sounds a bit strange but I intend to keep things real quick and most importantly super clear. Thus, let’s get straight to the point.

This afternoon, I was having a discussion with a group of ladies and the “B” or “C” argument started. The argument didn’t last for up to 5 minutes. Why? Because no one was trying to be right or wrong. Everyone was trying to learn.

The “B” or “C” (argument) simply means beauty or character?. The ladies claimed that character is well better than beauty , which is hundred percent right. This is what I intend to point out – Why not have both? Why not combine the “B” and the “C”?

Imagine you have a spouse that has a great character plus a pleasant look (Countless people possess this gift already) . Hold on, doesn’t it exist? It does.

Why not have both? The point of this article is to let you know that you don’t have to adopt the “this or that” mentality. Why can’t you have it all? In another context, you might hear stuffs like; “Money or happiness?” .

Have you heard of that before? Yes? Now ask yourself ; “Why can’t I have both? “. You can have whatever you want.

Think in terms of both from this moment on and not shortages. Life is full of options and you can have whatever you want as long as you can put in the work and fight long enough for it.

Think wide. Think big. Think in terms of All. Shallow thinking is bad for your mental health. See you soon.

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Published by Mr Mih Inspirations

Mr Mih is a certified Chemist, Writer , Content creator, Public speaker, Self-help Coach, Blogger, Editor, Movie Director, and ultimately a Doer . He is the CEO of Mr Mih Inspirations, a body created to help others bring out the light (Potential) in themselves. He is passionate about getting his game to the next level and helping others do the same. His Mantra ; "Attack Or Be Attacked"! Contact @ thesuperiors3@gmail.com

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