The 14/1 Principle.


I’m using this opportunity to wish myself a glorious and happy birthday.

As I construct this article, birthday wishes are already sliding in. Believe me, moments like this are priceless.

Moments when you have friends , families and even strangers (now friends though) giving you their best wishes.

This is a moment that pretty means much to me.

In addition to that, 2019 is a year that I intend to pull off some real stuff.

Fortunately, I found the right weapon – The 14/1 Principle.

For your information, this principle (14/1) is one I intend to make my battle cry in 2019 and beyond.

The 14/1 principle is one I discovered not long ago.

It might sound like my birthday code to you, BUT it’s pretty much beyond that. This is a potent weapon.

I wrote about this principle in my new eBook (Flames Of Victory).

I realized that this principle is one that every giant company, top athletes or serial entrepreneur are using to dominate their field.

Believe it or not, this principle is worth more than a million dollars .

Depends on how well you understand it and how well you implement on this idea.

The 14/1 Principle.

This principle is like a sharp sword with two dangerous sides.

It can be used when losing or when winning. I’m just going to give you a brief of this principle here.

Order for my eBook to catch the full gist. Here’s the principle in a nutshell :

How To Apply The 14/1 Principle When Losing.

This principle simply states that when things aren’t going your way or when you’re losing, you should try again and again with the same amount of zeal and passion (When you started) FOURTEEN more times.

NOTE – Here’s a secret…. It took me Fourteen strong months of aggressively posting and sharing valuable contents online to earn my first dollar.

When I say this principle is potent – I know exactly what I’m talking about!

You have to try fourteen STRONG times to even have a shot at winning once.

Imagine how such breakthrough would make you feel. I know how it feels – It is an ecstatic feeling!

How To Apply The 14/1 Principle When Winning.

This principle simply states that whenever it is you’re winning or collecting trophies, you never want to lax or relax.

You want to push harder as though you’re still hungry. You do NOT want to give any room for error or competition to breathe.

This isn’t about being perfect, this is about complete and steady DOMINANCE!

Notice the huge gap between number fourteen and one (14 – 1)? That’s the kind of gap you want to give your competitors in the market place.

If you do watch sports, Football to be precise.

Imagine your team is leading the game with 14 goals to one (14-1) and still keep playing like they are hungry for more.

How would that make you feel? It would be a great victory isn’t it?

Aside that, this would also scare the other teams.

To have a great life, this is the kind of think you want to have.

You don’t watch football or sports? That’s fine.

I’ll give you a better illustration of this idea.

Let me ask you a few questions

Why do you think Google is still running adverts despite the fact that they’re the no 1 search engine platform on the planet?

Why do you think Coca-Cola still run commercials? Why do you think DSTV still run Adverts?

Why do you think the people at the top of the food chain are still pumping like they’re broke?

Remember –

“You do NOT want to give any room for error or competition to breathe.”

I really do hope you understand this powerful principle.

Accept this idea as a gift from me to you.

Have a great week!


Mr Mih (Make It Happen).

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