What To Do When You’re Bored Or Tired.


Let’s get it right here – I do get tired. I do get tired of writing articles. I get tired of posting on social media. I get tired of school.

I do get tired of rejections. I get sick and tired of the doubters around me. I get tired of banging hard with almost no results.

Do you feel the same way? Does it mean you’re lazy?

I’ve had several people tell me how tired they feel about their jobs, relationships, and life in general.

In my opinion, this is a dangerous but good sign. It necessarily doesn’t mean laziness.

It means boredom. Believe it or not, boredom occurs as a result of little or zero excitement.

When do the same thing over and over again, you are bound to get bored.

“Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a change is insanity” – Albert Einstein.

Boredom is simply a mental thermostat that simply signifies that you’re not operating at super interesting levels.

Most times, boredom could be as a result of not taking enough action.

Operating less than your true capabilities will make you feel good temporarily but will hurt you bad in the nearest future.

Take note of this – “Boredom will always occur when you operate below your true potentials”.

When you fail to reach for more, you’ll get bored sooner or later.

If care is not taken, you’ll get depressed. If you still don’t pay attention, you’ll rust or expire!

Regardless of what you’re bored or “tired” about, it simply means you are missing out on something crucial.

Pause…..And figure out what’s going wrong.

Boredom or being “tired” is not necessarily a negative sign. It is actually a good sign.

It is often times a sure fire sign that you need to change or tweak something.

It is advisable that when you get tired or bored, you should take the following steps:

1. Feel free to take a break.

2. Figure out what’s wrong

3. Tweak something – Maybe your targets are too small.

4. If you can’t find out what’s wrong, take more action.

When next you feel bore or tired, reread this article (Bookmark/save).

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Much love,

Mr Mih.

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