How To Flip An “Odd” Idea Into Something That Actually Works

By : Mr Mih

WARNING – This Is A MUST Read If You Have A Team.

Whether you agree with me on this or not , it doesn’t matter.

The truth is; All ideas are just ideas (Invincible, nonexistent) UNTIL someone courageous enough brings it to life.

Plus it takes a great deal of work to make it work REGARDLESS of how dumb or brilliant the idea is.

This article you’re reading right now was just an idea few hours ago. I had to bring it to life.

Quick story ; Few months ago , I was in a terrible mess. I was working with a group of people and all odds were against us.

This was a team of three people including myself, makes us four in total.

In the middle of our frustration, a guy in the team gave a suggestion. His suggestion sounded very dumb.

Everyone in the team (Including myself) agreed with certainty that his idea was next to irrelevant.

He tried to convince us but no one was ready to listen. In the end, he gave up on his “ridiculous” idea.

After a few minutes, I thought about what he said plus I realized no one thought of a better idea.

I thought about the chances of this “ridiculous” idea working – The chances were frightfully slim.

Remember, we were left with no option.

Here’s what I did, I went back to the rest of the team and I pitched them on this “odd” idea.

Everyone wailed in disagreement (Except I and the guy who brought up this idea).

I calmed them down and asked them to weigh their options – We had zero options plus we were running out of time.

The only choice we had now was to wail in one voice and move in one direction.

In this kind of scenerio, we just had to let go of our ego, doubts, fears and replace them with uniformity, conviction and courage.

If at all we wanted to fail, we wanted to fail as a unit. We had to take our chances. We had to take a shot or we were going to fail horribly.

Behold! It worked! It not only worked. It worked beyond our imagination. The ecstasy of such a victory is something I cannot explain.

It’s super difficult to forget such a win. What’s the point here? The point here is this; If you have a team, you have to get them to be on the same page.

Y’all have to vibrate at the same rhythm. Y’all have to fail and win as a unit. You and your team have to represent one mission.

Your team has to represent one voice. If you fail to mould your team in this pattern, you won’t achieve the results you deserve.

Oh! You don’t have a team? Good for you.

If you’re a one man team (Temporarily), I’m going to suggest you have an heightened conviction in what you’re doing.

You have to be so so confident that you’re doing the right thing. If you’re not convinced yourself, how can you convince others?

Every cell of your body has to firmly believe that what you’re doing is going to eventually work.

If you don’t have this kind of mentality, you’re still joking. And I’m sorry to break it to you – You don’t have what it takes.

Whoever invented pornography or gambling had to be super obsessed with his idea.

Henry Ford had to be super immersed and glued and maybe “crazy” to believe he could sell cars when fit, good-looking horses were in vogue.

Read my previous article on the power of conviction HERE to actually understand my plight.

Listen to me, if at all you want to fail – Fail because you made the choice and you went all in.

That way, you won’t have anyone to blame but yourself. By the way, doubts and lack of clarity is why most people fail.

A firm belief in something followed by persistent action has NEVER failed anyone.

It didn’t fail Donald Trump when He wanted to run for president. It didn’t fail Henry Ford.

It didn’t fail whoever invented pornography.

It won’t fail you either! Give your dreams a shot.

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