What You Don’t Know About Gratitude

By : Mr Mih

About 48 hours ago, John Cena, the famous wrestler tweeted thus ; “Never outgrow being thankful…”

Ed Mylett, who is referred to as the fastest-growing business personality in the history of social media was once asked about his daily routine.

Here’s what He said ; “The first thing I do in the morning when I wake up is I write down the things I’m grateful for“.

He continued ; “This little exercise makes me start my day on a positive note“.

How do you start your day? With complaints or worry? Do you even make the time to review your life?

This is what happens to most of the population. We tend to worry about what we DON’T have and pay less attention to what we have.

This is the root cause of suffering, depression and suicide.

Imagine what your life would look like if you paid a little more attention to your successes rather than regrets.

Your life won’t improve by complaining. Be grateful.

Note – Being grateful doesn’t stop you from going for more.

This is about acknowledging what you already have – Then go for more.

Of course, more is better… But you need to be grateful for the the things you do have.

Being worried reflects in your body posture. Likewise being grateful.

Being worried makes you less attractive to yourself and to others. Being grateful makes you radiate positive energy.

Count your blessings. Ignore the past. Go for more. Live in the NOW. Build the future you deserve – It starts now.

Dreams don’t happen overnight. Take your time.

Be grateful for the life you have while going for what you want.

Be grateful or be awful!

Make It Happen

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