The Only Reason Why You Should Brag About Your Problems Or Challenges.

By : Mr Mih

About three days ago, I watched a catchy video clip of Shay Rowbottom.
Shay Rowbottom is the founder and COO of Margle Media.

Her company produces high quality viral Facebook videos for its clients, and her LinkedIn videos are no different.

She said something in the lines of ;

“You have to be genuine with your audience. Don’t be afraid to appear vulnerable. Let them realize you have struggles too…”.

Such a wonderful piece of advice. Concise and very powerful message.

We live in a world where almost everyone wants to look and appear perfect.

Likewise, because of social media, people are beginning to realize that perfection is an illusion.

The “fakes” are getting caught and trapped in a little box called insecurity.

Away from that, I wrote this article to pinpoint an angle most social media gurus or influencers aren’t touching ;

The categories of people that brag about their pains.

Have you met any? Let me briefly illustrate an example ;

Have you ever spent time with an elderly person, someone in their 60’s or 70’s? If you have, you’ll notice how they talk about their past.

They talk about how they trekked long distances. They talk about how they toiled really hard before they could find something to eat.

Sometimes, they talk about how they used to travel long distance just to get water to drink.

I must confess, I really do enjoy these stories. They are touchy.

Unfortunately, touchy stories don’t pay the bills. Touchy stories has never solved any of my problems.

So what’s my point? The young lads are starting to do it too!

I see a couple of young individuals bragging about how they lost their tooth in their 4th grade.

They brag about how they got rejected by six ladies in a day – Quite terrible and they are still bragging.

They brag about how they had no money in their wallet for six weeks WHILE they are still broke.

Have you met anyone like that? Well, stay away from them. Stay away from negativity.

I’m starting to wonder if these folks are celebrating their sufferings or pains.

The only reason… I mean the ONLY reason why you should brag about your pains is when you’ve overcome them.

If you’re yet to overcome a certain challenge, you should shut up and fix your mess.

The ONLY reason why you at all want to talk about your struggles is with the intention to solve the problem – Not to seek sympathy.

Don’t be a wuss! If you’re going through some sort of challenge, confront it till it’s solved.

Quit bragging about your pain while you’re still dealing with it. Overcome it. Quit suffering and smiling.

Like I always say ; “There’s nothing funny about losing” – Mr Mih

It’s normal to struggle especially when you are still young.

It ain’t normal to conform and brag about your inability to solve your challenges.

Being a young blood has nothing to do with your age but your thinking.

If you’re still willing to evolve and change, you’re still a young blood, regardless of your age.

Thus, as a young blood, you have to be creative about solving the challenge you currently have.

You have to be able to look into the future and let that fuel your drive INSTEAD of bragging about how life is currently whipping you.

Quit whining. Quit bragging about your current mishaps. Speak success. Embrace positive energy. Get rid of negativity!

I leave you with my lovely Mantra ; “Attack Or Be Attacked” – Mr Mih

Make It Happen

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Published by Mr Mih Inspirations

Mr Mih is a certified Chemist, Writer , Content creator, Public speaker, Self-help Coach, Blogger, Editor, Movie Director, and ultimately a Doer . He is the CEO of Mr Mih Inspirations, a body created to help others bring out the light (Potential) in themselves. He is passionate about getting his game to the next level and helping others do the same. His Mantra ; "Attack Or Be Attacked"! Contact @

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