You Already Know The Secret… This Is Just A Reminder

By : Mr Mih

Before I jump into my pitch – Happy Friday. Today, I’m going to be talking to you about what you already know.

A quick reminder ; “Knowing is quite different from doing” – Mr Mih

Today’s piece is going to be a quick but vital reminder (On how to win) cos I’m on my way to do a short speaking gig.

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Here are top 4 simple but crucial tips I felt an uncontrollable urge to share with you :

1. Clarity : You cannot hit a target you cannot see. What’s your target? What do you intend to achieve? Be clear and precise about you want.

2. Perfection Is A “Failed” Gig :

Perfection is merely an illusion. What do you intend to achieve?

Whatever it is, do it with all your might but expecting it to be perfect can be a huge liability.

Speed + Volume = Dominance

How fast can you bring your ideas to life and how often can you deliver?

In today’s world, perfection no longer wins. Speed is the new king.

How quickly can you pull it off? Quit waiting. Shoot!

3. Quit Not : Never give up. Keep pushing and evolve as you ride on the horse. Sharpen your tools.

Fortune favors the brave is what they say. Very true.

You also have to remember that the one who can resist the hit the longest ends up winning.

I remember a literature book I read in my teenage years – Survival of the fittest. Will you quit or persist?

4. Live Life On The Attack : This is an habit I’ve successfully developed over the years. I hate waiting.

Why wait for things to happen when you can make things happen?

Anytime, any day, I’d choose to be the cause rather than the effect?

The only time I get in trouble is when I wait for things to happen or find myself idle.

Live life on the attack. Divorce the victim mentality. Put yourself in the position of control. How? By simply living your life on the attack.

Quit waiting for things to happen. Yes, there are somethings you can’t control.

When it comes to the things you KNOW you can do something about, you better lean forward and make the change.

Nobody is coming to your house to serve you success. You have to plan and push your way to it.

Relying on luck can put you in a state of depression. Thus, push for what you want. Enjoy the process and make sure you win!

Have a great weekend!

Make It Happen

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