Weekend Rant

By : Mr Mih

Consider this a freestyle from Mr Mih.

So I took days off not posting any article, it was a terrible experiment. Although, it wasn’t a deliberate experiment.

I have to admit that it was pure laziness. Although, while I was in my “lazy” mode, I was sharpening my tools.

You have to know that SHARPENING your tools is way different from USING your tools.

Sharpening your tools does involve studying, reading, listening to educative podcasts, watching educative videos, etc.

Using your tools involves applying what you’ve learnt – It is a different gig entirely.

Caleb Maddix once gave a credible formula ;

Information + Application = Transformation

What’s my point? Simple, executing is different from analyzing, learning or sharpening of tools. Don’t confuse the two.

You don’t want to get trapped in the “lazy” zone for too long. It has the ruthless potential to kill your dreams.

“Without action, your universe is liable to go extinct” – Mr Mih

Have a great weekend!

Make It Happen

P.S – Looking for the ideal platform to Sharpen your tools? I suggest you do that HERE

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