Top 3 Surefire Factors To Help Improve And Elongate Your Current Relationship.

By : Mr Mih

To whom it may concern – Happy Valentine. Are you in a relationship? Here’s a must read.

Since Valentine is on every social media platform I open on my little android here, I decided to cook up something on relationship.

I’m not the relationship guy but what I’m about to share with you is something I know for sure.

Being in a relationship is fun especially when you are with the right one.

Relationships could go wrong for several reasons but mostly it could go wrong when you fail to set these standards :

1. When You Lack Clarity About What You Want :

Most individuals I know jump into relationships because that’s the rave of the moment.

They too also want to claim that they have a boyfriend or girlfriend.

They really don’t know what they want before they step into the relationship field.

They get taken for granted, they get mistreated and even cheated on cos they have a frail foundation – Zero clarity.

You see these folks wailing on social media. In reality, no one feels sorry for them.

Thus, before you step into a relationship, you have to be very clear about the kind of person you desire.

You have to be clear about the physique, the personality and certainly the vibe they exude.

Do you want an introvert or extrovert? You want the funny or the ambitious dude? Or you want the touch of both?

Do you want the slim or chubby girl? What do you want? You can’t hit a target you can’t see, right? Who’s your ideal target?

This does not mean you’re looking for Mr or Mrs perfect, this simply means you have a taste, criteria or standard not just “anything goes”.

Respect yourself enough to be clear and sure about what you want.

2. When You Fail To Communicate Your Wants And Desires :

When you get clear about what you want in a relationship, communicating your wants and desires is no longer a challenge.

Your significant other is not a mind reader.

You both should have an honest conversation about what you want out of the relationship.

Let them know upfront to prevent unnecessary drama in the future.

I used to be in a very exciting relationship with a young pretty and brilliant lady.

Somehow, we lost contact and somehow we hooked up together again. Oops! It didn’t last long.

Thanks to her honesty. She didn’t waste my time.

She was thoroughly honest about her wants and desires and it was too high a criteria for me to meet.

We still talk to date – As casual friends. I’ll forever appreciate her brutal honesty.

If we had continued the relationship pretending everything was going to work out later, we would still end up splitting.

She made the process faster. Thanks to her and thanks to me for understanding her plight.

It was a hard decision but it was worth it. Both parties are happy now.

3. When You Fail To Keep Your Ego In Check :

This is a huge one. Ego ruins the “go” in a relationship. You get stuck and become single again.

Saying “sorry” ain’t a weakness. Admitting your mistakes ain’t a taboo. It’s the right thing to do.

When you have a fat and sloppy ego, it’s difficult to be corrected.

When you eventually or finally find a good relationship, hold on to it.

Keep your ego in check so as not to loose your “sweet” relationship. Cos if you do, it’s very difficult to find a good one out there. Got it?

Keep your ego in check. Iron out your indifferences and move on.

And remember ; “Angels fly because they take themselves light” – Mystic

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