Top 5 Lessons COVID-19 Is Teaching The World Right Now.

By : Mr Mih

This is a very difficult time for the entire universe. My sincere sympathy goes to Italy and the rest of the world.

If you still think COVID-19 is not real, then you need to go for mental check up.

Time is money. Thus, let’s jump right into the top 5 lessons COVID-19 is teaching the world right now :

1. Personal Hygiene – This is an obvious lesson from COVID-19.

Aside hand sanitizers hanging almost everywhere, people are beginning to take note of simple gestures.

Simple gestures like how to yawn and how to cough in public.

You don’t have to yell or tell anyone to cover their mouth now. Nose masks has taken care of that.

2. Empathy : Acting all mean and aggressive used to be the “new cool”.

This is a period where acting mean doesn’t contribute any value to the universe. Partying all night (Right now) is of no use either.

I’m using this medium to tell the world to stay strong. We’ll definitely get through this.

Italy as a case study, has been hit hard by this deadly virus. Stay strong. We’ll get through this. When the going gets tough, the tough gets going.

3. Humanity Is Back : This is a period to spread love, show sympathy, and most importantly – Stay at home!

Jack Ma the richest man in Asia has displayed humanity to the world after he donated sanitizers, test kits, protection kits to different different parts of the world including Nigeria.

Football stars like Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Zlatan Ibrahimovic etc have donated to end this mean virus.

Independent organizations/individuals have also played their role. That’s humanity at its peak.

Humanity isn’t just about saying nice words, humanity is about letting your action do the talk.

A BIG shout out to every medical expert putting their lives at risk in order to put an end to this vicious virus.

Some of them already lost their lives as a result of this virus. My sympathy goes to their families. Once again – Stay strong!

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4. Fear Keeps Everyone In Check :

Aside the fact that fear is one of the best forms of marketing, fear seems to be one language that keeps the human specie organized.

People are losing their lives at this critical moment. Some are losing their jobs. Companies are losing money every single day.

Sport activities have been shut down.

School activities have been put on hold. Religious activities (Involving crowds) have been shut down.

This is probably the first time in history that the world has been affected this way. Isn’t that terrifying?

Now, more than ever, everyone is beginning to pay attention and take safety precautions.

In this regards, I must admit that fear is not always a bad thing.

5. Getting Your Finances Right Is Super Important :

Once again, this is a terrifying moment for everyone. Companies are getting shut down (Temporarily) .

Things are getting expensive. The economy has been put on hold.

Imagine being asked to stay indoors and you have nothing to eat or are not financially prepared. Isn’t that just another form of disaster?

The poor and middle class are now more than ever terrified about money ASIDE being terrified about COVID-19 – Double trouble!

In my opinion, this is a moment that inspires me (And hopefully everyone), that we need to get our finances right.

Accept or deny it, getting your financial life in order is going to make life much more easier either in the presence or absence of COVID-19.

In conclusion, this is a moment to spread love to the world, stay indoors, practice personal hygiene and hopefully, we can defeat COVID-19 together!

Make It Happen

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