Top 3 Lessons I Learned From My First Real Failure In The Business World.

By : Mr Mih

It was made official yesterday by the President himself – President Muhammadu Buhari.

It’s awful that most people aren’t going to work today because of the Nationwide shutdown here in Nigeria.

It’s going to last for two weeks – A solid 14 days!

Whether you like the idea or whine about it, nobody cares.

Regardless of how loud you wail on social media, reality is always boring. Quit being a cry baby – Grow up!

Times like this reminds me of an awful but quite beneficial experience I had about 4-5 years ago.

I just finished school. When you finish school, you’re prone to stay at home for a while.

After staying home for about 15-20 days, I started to get bored.

I started thinking about what could get me busy cos as they say ; “An idle hand is the devil’s workshop”.

Bang! An idea finally surfaced.

The idea was to build a helpful material that would help students, fresh graduates and entrepreneurs get exposed to the reality of their potentials.

I created the material with my phone.

In order to sell it, it had to be hard copy plus at the time, I didn’t know much about the digital world.

After I created the material (Soft copy), it was time to print. My intention was to make it a colored print.

Oops! I had no money to do the print.

Now, I needed to think of a way to get money so I could actually bring my idea to life instead of making excuses.

I was compelled to go borrow money. That was how deep I believed in my idea.

I went ahead and borrowed the money from a family friend and promised to pay back. I was excited. I was pumped.

Unfortunately, the money wasn’t enough to do a colored print. At this point, I had to compromise and go for a “black and white” print.

I spiral-bound it to make it look good a little bit.

Another problem surfaced – How do I sell it?

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I thought of going to schools to sell it since most of my target audience was there.

I went ahead and pitched my ideas to some schools. I was rejected by most of them. Some gave me a shot.

I sold a few copies (Not up to half) of what I had printed.

I was starting to get desperate. I had to repay my debt!

Every school I approached at this point could smell my desperation and was turned off by it.

I got tired. I had more than enough copies of the material I intend to sell piled by my bed every night. I felt like a loser!

I tried all my possible best to sell some of these materials.

As a matter of fact, I even attended a seminar and convinced the facilitator (On phone) to allow me pitch my product to his audience. He agreed.

I had to pay to have access to the Seminar plus I had to travel down there – About 5 hours journey. That was how desperate I was to sell my product.

I pitched my product (At the seminar) but no one bought the idea. They claimed the product wasn’t attractive enough plus it was expensive.

I left the Seminar disappointed. I was tired physically and mentally.

Long story short, I didn’t make profit. Instead, I was at loss plus I had to pay my debt.

Then, it was a terrible experience. Today, that experience makes me feel like I know something about the marketplace that most people don’t.

Top 3 Lessons You Can Learn From The Above Story :

1. Never appear desperate to sell your products or ideas. It turns off your clients plus it makes you look like an amateur.

2. Find a market for your product or service, then introduce your product or service to them. That saves you time and effort. There has to be some kind of need.

3. The Marketplace is a very brutal place. It does not care how enthusiastic you are. Get your head straight. Confront the reality of your situation and hey, you have to toughen up! A wise man once said something in the lines of –Enthusiasm is for amateurs. You need to have a strategy to go with your enthusiasm“.

End Of Story….

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