The Art Of Punching Back – How To Bounce Back From Defeat, Recession Or Disappointments.

By : Mr Mih

This lock down could be a very difficult moment for business owners.

While many are busy complaining, the ideal business man or woman is busy sharpening his or her tools plus getting ready to stage a comeback.

Before you can stage a come back, you have to first realize that you’re in a mess.

If you’re still making sense of your situation, maybe you don’t need this article.

Looking to stage a comeback when COVID-19 fears is over? Proceed ;

1. Get Real With Your Current Situation :

Admit that you are in a (Financial, spiritual, physical or emotional) mess. As long as you don’t deny your reality, you’re already halfway out of your mess.

2. Have Disgust For Where You’re At :

Growth is natural, the only people that don’t grow are those that are still comfortable with where they are” – Mr Mih

You can’t stage a come back when you still somehow feel good or comfortable about your current situation. You have to hate it.

When we get unlucky in life, we’re often compelled to want to see the good in the situation – Which is a good thing.

The thing is you don’t want to get mentally trapped in the “good” of the situation, you’re looking for greatness!

You’re looking for the next level. You’re looking to change your life. You’re looking to get out of this mess as fast as you possibly can.

Never adopt the victim mentality. Regardless of how things may be, the control button is still in your hands!

As long as you don’t feel any bit of comfort with where you are at, you’ll be compelled to move, make a change, or change the switch. You with me?

3. Be Clear About What You Want Or Where You Are Going :

After you experience any form of defeat or disappointment, one of the most important thing you can do is this ;

Be ruthlessly clear about what you want or where you are going PLUS don’t give anyone or anything the permission to distract you from your new target.

This involves having a clear picture of what you want and drafting a clear plan to hit the target.

It is not enough to have a clear target, you have to be ruthless about hitting the target too.

4. Go All Out :

This is not the time for your “maybe” games. This is a time for hardcore conviction!

When it’s time for execution, you want to go all out. You want to go with full commitment! Yes, this is the time to burn the ship.

You’ve been playing safe your whole life, remember? Where has it led you? How about you try something different?

Go out there with conviction. Follow your plans and don’t you compromise on your targets.

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