The Bitter Truth About COVID-19 Outbreak.

By : Kalu Gospel Ogbonnaya

Warning : This is a controversial article. If you don’t like or believe what you see, leave your opinion in the comment section and please be respectful. Thanks!

When this COVID-19 outbreak started, I was thinking “can this be the population control the world has been talking about”?

Because scientists have been predicting that the world will soon be overpopulated.

Recent articles and news I have read, have given a more clear understanding about the outbreak.

For a long time now, China has been trying to be the world power by taking over from America.

According to China’s Vision of Victory, by Jonathan D.T. Ward, Atlas Publishing, 316 pp., March 2019. He asked a question, “What does China want?” It is very simple: China wants supremacy!

He said this too ; “China’s vision of Victory is a useful antidote to the popular delusion that Chinese leaders seek nothing more than to rule the United States”.

On the same article he made a prediction of the plan of China ; “By 2050, the Chinese aim to have a military second to none,” to become the global centre for technology innovation and to serve as the economic anchor of a truly global trade and infrastructure regime- An economic block that would be unprecedented in human history.

In their speeches and documents, Chinese leaders call this vision A CENTRED FUTURE where a U.S led system has been broken apart and discarded – A community of common destiny for mankind.

That ambition debunks the myth of a multipolar future: China seeks dominance, not just a share of the pie.

Now, let’s take a look into what the world is going through right now.
Please visit this link HERE to understand this message clearly.

The current statics of this COVID-19 pandemic, United state is the country with the highest confirmed cases even more than China.

Confirmed cases and the death toll is increasing so fast.

China’s biggest cities that are very close to Wuhan (the mother of the COVID-19) and which are it’s powerhouse cities (Shanghai and Beijing) and remember these two cities are one of the world’s most populated cities and these cities did not record up to 2000 cases confirm and not up to 15 deaths.

Which means they used Wuhan as a sacrificial lamb for their plan.

From Scientific research, Coronavirus was first discovered in the 1960s and it affects animals; rats, mice, horse, pig etc.

They predicted that these animals can transfer the virus to human beings but wasn’t confirmed.

The name COVID-19 (Coronavirus 2019 [SARS and MERS virus species]) was gotten because the first human case was confirmed in 2019.

My secret terrius is a Korean movie produced in 2018 spoke about Coronavirus that affects human being (COVID-19), coincident right?

I think it’s time the world starts seeing the Chinese for who they really are (megalomaniac).

They (Chinese) understood the fact that irrespective of their power in technology, they can not still rule the world.

Simply because before you’ll be a world power or rule the world, the world will be able to speak your language.

Let’s recall, when the world was speaking Latin that was when the Romans (Italy) were ruling (Roman Empire, [27BC to 14CE].

The world started speaking English, when England was ruling (The 18th century saw England [after 1707, Britain] rise to be the world’s dominant colonial power, and France becoming its main rival on the imperial stage).

Now the world is learning to speak Oral English, Americans are in charge.
Please visit this link HERE to really understand what’s going on.

The link is from Zarina news 18 Mar talking about Chinese global take over.

Now you must have understood the whole reason of the Covid-19 pandemic what the world is going through now.

While the world is still trying to heal and recover from their loss.

China at the other hand have waxed strong economically and with their economic straight, the can achieve their goal of becoming the world power.

Through economic assistance and taking over the stock market. Every other countries will be trying to catch up with them.

Kalu Gospel Ogbonnaya ,
BSc in Pure and Industry Chemistry.

You can reach out to Kalu Gospel Ogbonnaya HERE on Facebook.

Have a less boring weekend!

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