Economic Disruption : Here’s How To Dominate In The New Economy.

By : Mr Mih

Anyone with a sane mind would believe that this is revolution happening before our own very eyes.

We’re already in a new economy and there’s going to be drastic change in the way the economy works.

I was speaking to a friend just the other day and he claimed he watched a Robert Kiyosaki interview.

In his exact words, he claimed Robert Kiyosaki said (Which I later confirmed) ;

The Covid-19 crisis and the upcoming financial crisis marks the death of the industrial age and the birth of information age“.

You can watch the full interview HERE.

We’re revolving into a technocratic world right now and the digital world would take over almost completely – If not completely.

The industrial age is gone, not completely though but gradually and it’s already happening before our eyes.

In the nearest future, majority of the world would work remotely (From home). That’s already been in the trend but it would trend even more.

In a nutshell, a LOT of things would change and it would change drastically.

The cashless policy you’ve been hearing about is going to get stronger in the new economy.

The people/businesses that are going to win this coming economy are the ones who double up digitally.

You’re going to have to be digitally savvy or be left behind.

What To Do :

Simple, follow the trend. This is not the time to resist change. Now is the time to learn and invest as much as you can in digital knowledge.

How can you sell or provide your services online/digitally?

You’re already doing your things digitally? Good. Double up on the deal.

You have to figure this out as quickly as you can.

This change would be painful for some businesses but it would bring up a new breed of winners to the new economy.

Are you going to be among the winners or whiners with this new inevitable change in the economy?

Remember ; “In life, you either win or whine” – Mr Mih

Choose wisely!

Talk to you later,

Make It Happen

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