Covid-19 And The 2019/2020 Graduates.

By : Mr Mih

WARNING : This Write Up Is Specifically For The 2019/2020 Graduates. I Wrote This For Them Because Schools Never Teach You How To Thrive In A Down Economy. This Is A Must Read For Every Graduate.

Ever since COVID-19 issue surfaced here in Nigeria, I’ve been sober and worried until I realized it was not going to solve anything.

I know you’ve been fed with a lot of bad news, you are being fed daily and there’s more to come – I don’t need to add any more dose.

There’s no point being optimistic or pessimistic at this time. It’s happening before our eyes.

Whether you think all this is real or not, what’s certain is the fact that the economy is broken already.

It would take a while for it to return to it’s normal state.

It is also important to note that as terrible as the news about the economy sounds, many are thriving in it.

As a fresh graduate, you were already confused as to how you were going to survive in the new phase of life you were just stepping into.

Few months into this new phase of life, COVID-19 came and wiped out the whole economy. Now, how are you going to cope?

Getting a job before the COVID-19 issue surfaced was a little bit of work, right? Do you think it would be easier now? I very much doubt it.

Like I stated earlier, there’s no point being optimistic or pessimistic about what’s happening right now, this is the time to get real.

Of course, hope never dies but hope won’t feed you. This is the time to get real about your finances and circumstances.

Maybe you are still under the umbrella of mummy and daddy but you won’t be under it soon enough, right?

The question right now is this : How are you going to not only survive but thrive in the new economy?

Remember, I’m not the media. I’m not in anyway inclined to spread bad news but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t confront the reality.

Anyways , let’s confront this from a positive angle.

The Solution ;

If you are not involved in the “food” business or industry (Cos they’ll keep doing well regardless of the economy), this is the time to develop grit.

The online business is going to boom but in order to be a part of that booming industry and win, you’re going to have to market aggressively.

You’re going to have to put yourself out there a lot more now (Online and offline) regardless of what your product or services are.

I was listening to Grant Cardone just few days ago and he was like ;

Right now, we make FOUR extra phone calls more than our regular phone calls to close a deal plus we’ve reduced our prices by a huge margin“.

What’s the point of the above highlighted quote?

There two MAJOR messages in there you must implement today, right now, to thrive in the new market place.

1. Increase Your Work Ethic : This is the time to immerse yourself in NOT only learning but also in DOING.

This is the time to use that youthful energy of yours to make a major difference in your life. Bury your head in work.

Now, you have to really get creative. Your customer base needs you now more than ever. Get in touch with them.

Now is the time to give give give and ;

2. Get Rid Of Your Ego : This is the time to get busy and get your hands dirty.

If you cannot lower the price of your products or service that’s fine.

If you can and won’t get hurt, I suggest you do so just to keep your momentum going.

Nobody really cares about you, your product or service at this point in time. They can get it elsewhere.

Think about it – People are losing their jobs more than ever in the history of the world.

Now is the time to do whatever it takes more than ever to put yourself, your business and your brand out there.

Your real value is going to be proven in the market place today. This is the time where real champions are built.

By the way, the good news about all this is the fact that whoever thrives in this economy can and will thrive in ANY economy.

Are you going to thrive or whine? You get to choose one. Your actions NOT your words from now on would determine that.

I’ll be holding a free Webinar HERE very soon with a select group of people on how to thrive in the new economy. I hope you take advantage.

Make It Happen

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