People Skills – How To Increase Your Influence In The Society.

By : Mr Mih

It’s not what you know, it’s who you know” – Popular saying.

Here’s just another similar saying ; “It’s not who you know, it’s who knows you“.

Which of the above statements seem to be true? I don’t care. Here’s what I know ;

I want to KNOW a lot of people and I want a lot more people to KNOW me plus I want to have a very positive impact/influence in these people’s lives.

I don’t have to be close friends with everyone but I want to help them and I also want to be helped.

You see, as long as people are everywhere, it means there’s opportunity everywhere.

The more people, the more opportunities and if you can’t get along with people, you deprive yourself of countless opportunities.

In a nutshell, people are opportunities. You won’t get the big juicy things in life without going through people.

Regardless of your business, you’re in a people’s business. You have to understand people.

The internet is a place filled with countless opportunities cos billions of people are paying attention to it now.

How can you get people to pay attention to you, your brand or business?

While a lot of people make tons of money behind the screens of their phones or laptops, guess what?

There’s going to be a point where you’re going to have to close deals standing toe to toe with people.

There’s a high chance of finding affection online today but at some point, it’s going to be a face to face drill to finish the deal.

Are you with me?

Thus, your people skills or interpersonal relationships are quite very important.

I could write an entire book on this subject but for now, let’s condense things a little bit.

Here are a few quick tips on how you can brush up/improve your people skills :

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Tip 1 : Be Unapologetically Genuine.

Let people know who you really are. Let them know what you stand for or represent. No need to fawn.

Look people in the eye and let them know you ain’t trying to impress them.

And in a world full of fakes, duplicates and wanna-bes, you’ll stand out by a very wide distinct margin.

Tip 2 : Listen! Listen! Listen!

In a world filled with people glued to their mobile phones more than their loved ones, this is actually your shot to get people to value & respect you.

People are feeling abandoned more than ever emotionally in the history of mankind.

While everyone is glued to their phone or selfish interest, you have to be glued to picking interest in other people’s story.

Everyone likes to talk about themselves but have almost no one really listening to them.

If only you could fill that gap, you’ll make real connections instead of complaining you’re bored after countless hours of surfing on the internet.

When people talk, listen. Zero interruptions. Really listen. Be present. Be attentive.

Tip 3 : Talk About Yourself Too.

Yeah. You don’t want the other person feeling like they’ve let too much out.

When you really listen, you’ll be surprised by how much people open up. They’ve actually been starving for a real genuine conversation.

Thus, you never want to make them feel guilty about that. Talk about yourself to a reasonable degree, they too will listen cos you did the same.

Tip 4 : Grow Your Influence.

You need new friends folks. You need new people in your life – Constantly.

Like I stated earlier, you don’t have to be intimate friends with everyone you meet but you have to meet them anyways.

I know you’ve been friends with your best friend since childhood, that’s fantastic!

Keep on with the friendship but add new people to the list as time goes on.

Strangers have everything you want” – Grant Cardone.

Keep your old friends (If you want), but you need new friends and you need to be intentional about that.

Be willing to put yourself in uncomfortable situation by talking to strangers and convert them to real friends.

Go to events, seminars, conferences and connect. By the way, you can join my WhatsApp class HERE – Life/Business During And After COVID-19.

Don’t just learn and go home. Make new friends. Build new relationships. Grow your influence!

Tip 5 : Be A Star – Always Shine.

You never want to be known as that solemn boring guy down the street. You want to have an uplifting vibe almost every time.

You have to smile and sparkle with an upbeat vibe. The upbeat vibe is highly contagious and people want to be around good energy.

This doesn’t mean you go around smiling constantly like a clown.

This means you are sane enough to offer solutions in a relationship/conversation rather than constantly whining about the politicians or the economy.

Beam with victory. Be a star!

I could keep on writing on this subject but for now, I would like to hit the publish button and get to sleep.

Talk to you later,

Mr Mih.

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