Here’s Why The First Paid Seminar I Attended Changed My Life.

By : Mr Mih

Change is not something that happens by mistake neither does it happen spontaneously.

Change (Whether positive or negative) is a deliberate thing and it happens gradually. A process is involved.

This reminds me of the first paid seminar I attended. I was 20 or 21 years old at the time.

I had a very blurry image of where I was going . Life got really frustrating. I was desperate to make a positive and relevant change.

One afternoon, I was scrolling through a WhatsApp group and I saw a seminar advert.

It was a digital marketing class and somehow I was glued to it.

I was at Lagos State at the time and the seminar was holding at Ogun State. I had no money. I was broke.

I had every reason NOT to go to the seminar but somehow I found myself there and right there was where I made a decision to build a brand.

The other thing I learned was the fact that the organizer of the event – Tunny Ogunnowo was just starting his Seminar business at the time.

It wasn’t a perfect event because Tunny Ogunnowo was just starting out at the time but it was so worth it to me.

The same guy today (Tunny Ogunnowo) now runs one of the most helpful digital marketing seminars in the country today.

I learned three major lessons from the first paid seminar I ever attended ;

1. You Don’t Need To Know How :

What you need to have is commitment. A full fledged commitment is what’s going to pull you through any situation.

Remember what I stated earlier? I didn’t know how I was going to be at the seminar. I had no money.

Somehow, I found myself in the room with other hungry individuals willing to learn digital marketing.

Commitment is what you need. Your life doesn’t change because you know exactly how to change your life.

Your life will only change when you are hell bent (Committed) to changing the quality of your life and/or situation for the better.

Thus, I recommend that you commit to this product/eBook HEREUnder The Hat (How To Thrive In A Down Economy).

That eBook isn’t only to change your life for the better. It would show you how to win in a down economy.

2. You Don’t Have To Be Perfect To Start :

You want to start a business? You want to build a brand? You want to embark on a simple task? All you have to do is start!

Tunny Ogunnowo didn’t have to wait to have millions of “Likes” on Facebook to before he could start teaching digital marketing.

Similar to the fact that you do not have to die before you can talk about death.

Get started. You’ll figure it out as time goes on. There’s no perfect moment – Ever.

3. You Have To Invest Time And Money :

Just like yesterday ;

I remembered going to my first ever paid seminar, I remember I spent about 5 hours (Time) on the road just to be a part of the seminar.

Note : It was not a free transport (Money + Time) aside the fact that I had to pay to get into the classroom.

You have to invest both time and money. I mean both. Not one. It is like day and night. The two are compulsory.

You have to invest monetarily and effort wise (Time) to get what you want (Success) .

It’s just like trying to get a beautiful lady to go out on a date with you. To even have a shot at that, you’ll have to invest your time and money.

Quit thinking you’ll somehow pop out on the other side (Successful) without investing your time and money in developing your skills.

Once again, I recommend you invest your money and your time in getting this material/eBook to secure your victory in the new economy.

At this junction, I’ll have to hit the publish button while I go prepare for a WhatsApp class I’ll be holding few hours from now.

I wish I could invite you but we have a full house already.

Either ways, I hope you’ve learned a thing or two from the story above.

Remember ; “You do not have to be perfect to start just like you do not have to die to be qualified to talk about death” – Mr Mih

Get started today!

Make It Happen

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