How  “Dad How Do I?” YouTube Channel Went Viral In Less Than 60 Days.

By : Mr Mih

Are you curious too? I was. I still am. Actually, this is the sensation of the moment. Pay attention.

Quick Story :

This is the story of a man called Rob Kenney. His father walked out his life when he was a teen – Age 12 to be precise.

Fast forward to this very moment, Rob Kenney, the man behind the “Dad How Do I” YouTube Channel flipped his pain into his purpose.

On his YouTube channel, he teaches kids without a father figure or parents in their lives how to do simple basic things that fathers would normally teach their kids.

He said recently ; My goal in my life was to raise good adults,” Rob said. “I never wanted to be wealthy. I never wanted to be necessarily successful. My goal in life was to raise good adults—not good children but good adults—because I had a fractured childhood.”

By the way, to fully grasp Rob Kenney’s story, I suggest you check it out HERE.

As at the moment this article is being put together, Rob Kenney YouTube channel “Dad How Do I” has just 16 videos on his channel and a jaw dropping 2.06M subscribers.

Isn’t that something worth looking into?

Lesson To Be Learned :

Personally, I found his story really touching, inspirational, and vital just like many others across the globe.

Here are some valuable lessons I learned personally from his story :

1. Being Genuine Never Goes Out Of Fashion :

The very first time I watched one of his (Rob Kenney) “Dad How Do I” videos, I could feel his calm, soothing and real spirit. He was comfortable in his skin.

You could feel the sincerity in his videos. His sincerity and his genuine vibes gave his YouTube channel a massive lift.

When you’re genuine, others can feel it plus it becomes so easy for others to relate with your story. You can check out his “Dad How Do I?” YouTube videos HERE.

2. Your Story Is An Asset :

It’s so easy to feel embarrassed putting your real story out there particularly in a world filled with negativity and hate.

The truth is everyone has their scars. Without our scars, we wouldn’t become who we are today.

Without our scars, we wouldn’t be where we are today. Your scars is a form of beauty – It depends on how you see it.

Less than 60 days ago, Rob Kenney had no idea that his story would resonate with a lot of people. Even Forbes covered his story.

Imagine what would have happened, if he held on to his story and didn’t put it out there. Be willing to be vulnerable.

3. Be Kind :

When you watch Rob Kenney videos, you would see it in his eyes that he genuinely wants to help.

With his very first video on YouTube – “How To Tie A Tie“, you could feel his utmost sincerity and willingness to help people with a similar story like his.

He just appeared to be doing his thing.


We’re in a digital age, this is the best time in the history of mankind to get your message or put your story out there.

You don’t have to wait to be an internet guru before you can put your message out there. You have a voice already – Your story.

When you finally have the courage to put your story out there, be genuine about it.

Let your message carry a ray of hope in it. Be willing to help. The more people you help, the more you’re going to prosper.

Nature has its way of rewarding those who genuinely want to help – And actually help. Lastly, be strong enough to show kindness.

The man behind the“How Do I?” YouTube channel nailed it when he said ;

“YouTube has no algorithm for kindness” – Rob Kenney

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