The Art Of Making Hard Decisions.

By : Mr Mih

“When something is important enough, you do it even if the odds are not in your favor”Elon Musk

Hard decisions are often times the right decisions but they’re hard to make. It’s easy to hate and gossip and it’s even more easy to quit.

What most individuals don’t realize is the fact that making hard decisions helps you meet a new you and opens you up to new adventures.

It doesn’t matter if I’m letting go of an old friend that is being toxic to my mental health OR willing to switch to a new environment, making hard decisions has often opened me up to possibilities.

Very few times, I make hard decisions that I freaking regret in the moment but in the long run, it’s always good for me.

For example, being willing to appear vulnerable is a strength in disguise. It takes a great deal of courage to appear vulnerable in a world where everyone is trying to act like a big shot.

I’ve put myself out there so many times. If you go back and check some of my previous articles, I’ve shared a lot of my vulnerabilities through story telling.

I’m the type who is willing to ask for help in a world where everyone is acting like they have it all figured out.

Look, it’s easy to make a decision around hanging out with someone you already know. Try doing that with a stranger. It’s easier to do on paper.


The top 1% on the food chain make hard decisions constantly. They meet with strangers on a consistent basis.

They are willing to travel miles away from their country and their families to bring home the trophy.

They speak their truth at the expense of losing some friends.

They sit with humility to read and study despite the fact that they are already super successful while the broke ones act like they have it figured out already.

The top 1%are willing to try out new adventures. All these takes some level of guts and some elements of hard decision making.

Every second of everyday, we are making decisions.

Checking out this article and reading up to this point takes some level of decision making. It would have been easier to go watch porn.

Nobody likes to read, train or study but we have to – Hard decision. It’s very easy to do the easy stuff.

It’s very difficult to step out of the comfort zone and put yourself out there.

It’s very easy to get comfortable, it’s super difficult to aim and actually go for the next level because what got you here won’t take you there.

On getting to the next level you want, it’s even more difficult to raise the bars and actually aim for more.

Every highly successful individual you know (I ain’t talking about your neighbors), have made series upon series of hard decisions to get to where they are now.

These are people that are willing to lose sleep because of what they want.

It’s very easy to settle. Takes a great deal of guts to say NO to the dumb advice of people around you and still go after what you want.

Elon Musk, a man who is worth over $40B is a perfect example of what I’m actually talking about here.

In my opinion, this man is already super successful but he still insist that he is trying to create life on another planet.

Everyone around him was telling him his mission wasn’t necessary. Many told him it won’t work.

Many called him an idiot. Some of his mentors were even against his idea of going to Mars.

In the end he accomplished his goal even though he failed a couple of times – What a winner!


You understand? It’s easy to quit after failure but it’s even more courageous to move on after failure with enthusiasm.

Easy, rosy decisions would keep getting you what you’ve always gotten.

Freaking hard decisions opens you up to life.

Seek adventure NOT comfort. Remember ; “With every decision you make, you’re either creating an empire or destroying one”Elena Cardone

Make It Happen

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