5 Secrets Of Success Revealed From A Village In Africa.

By : Mr Mih

“If wisdom was human, he would have a lot of experience, and he would speak less” .

As usual, the villagers sat under the tree in a circular form. It was a full moon night and it was starting to get a little bit cold.

Nobody cared about the weather. They were glued to the story of the old man sitting at the center of the village circle.

The villagers sighed uniformly several times. Everyone was leaning forward this time as the old man spoke audibly but at a slow pace.

It was getting deep and interesting. They were hooked.

The Fisherman.

The old man continued ;

“The fisherman goes to fish with his hook, in hopes that he would catch some fish and take home to his family.

He doesn’t throw the hook or net in the water bluntly, he adds a bait.

A good fisherman doesn’t doesn’t go to the river bank just anytime of the day. A good fisherman knows the point in time when his chances of catching a fish is high.

The fisherman is not looking to wait for 3 full moons (3 months) to catch a fish.

He waits for a while in hopes that he catches some fish, and when he does, he places another bait into the river to get more”.

The old man paused for a second, clears his throat, and set to continue.

“My children, what have you learned from what I’ve shared so far?”

The old man could only hear murmurings from the villagers.

He clears his throat, crossed his legs, smiled, looked around, and he waved both his hands in a circular motion as he continued ;

Relax my children and let me enlighten you. This is simply just a parable“.

Secrets/Parable Unlocked.

The old man’s voice was starting to tremble as he spoke but he was still audible.

Secret 1.

“When the fisherman goes to the riverbank, he’s not there to pass time, he’s there to hunt. His family members are depending on him to bring home some fish.

Therefore, when it comes to your livelihood, you aren’t there to pass time, make sure you go home with some fish“.

Secret 2.

“The fisherman never puts a blunt or direct hook in the river, he places a bait there. This is for a reason. To get something, you have to give something”.

Secret 3.

“A good fisherman knows what time of the day his chances of catching fish is high. You must learn to take calculated moves/risk”

Secret 4.

“The fisherman isn’t waiting for his bait to catch a fish three months later. He’s looking to take some fish home that very day.

If possible, just a few moments from placing his bait in the river. Patience is good but it is not always a virtue“.

Secret 5.

“When the fisherman gets hold of some fish, he places another bait to get some more fish – And he does.

The fisherman operates from a place of abundance NOT from a place of scarcity. You must learn to do the same”.

(To Be Continued……)

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