10 Secrets Of Success Revealed From A Village In Africa (Final Part)

By : Mr Mih

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If you missed our previous story or you’re just here for the first time , I implore you to check it out here to fully understand how far we have come.

Ready for today’s wisdom? Relax and enjoy ;

“Fishing, hunting and farming have different methods or means of livelihood”

“It’s getting late already, we can continue tomorrow”.

The old man sounded dizzy.

Suddenly, everyone in the gathering started to murmur as if they were displeased with the old man’s recent announcement.

A young man seated amongst the villagers rose abruptly from where he sat, cleared his throats (To signify that he was about to speak) ;

“Baba, with respect I speak to you. On behalf of myself and my fellow farmers here, I want to beg you to please continue”.

The village circle echoed in unity ; “Yes baba”.

The old man paused for a while as the entire village circle fell into silence ; “My son, you have spoken well. Have your seat”.

The young man sat with relief.

The old man continued in his calm and persuasive tone ;

“It would be unfair if I don’t speak about the farmer today, as I have spoken about the fisherman and the hunter”.

Some men in the village circle who were farmers murmured ; “Yes Baba”.

Baba smiled, swayed his garments as if he wanted to adjust the way he sat. Then, he continued ;

“The farmer dictates his destiny.”

The villagers sighed.

The farmer puts in the soil exactly what he wants out of the soil. He doesn’t put a tomato seed in the soil and expects a mango tree”.

“The farmer is a nurturer. After placing his seeds in the soil, he looks after it. He waters it regularly and protects it from insects and even erosion”.

“The farmer is willing to get dirty as long as he eats and feeds his family”.

“Farmers eat from their sweat. They don’t steal from other farmers because they know how difficult it is to nurture plants”.

The old man yawned with manners (Covered his mouth), as he was starting to feel dizzy.

He continued slowly but his voice was clear ;

“The farmer is patient while he nurtures. He’s not expecting his seeds to germinate immediately but he knows when it is likely to yield”.

“The farmer when he harvests is filled with joy, because he can sell and feed his family at the same time“.

“My children, can I go and rest now?”

“Yes Baba, see you tomorrow!”, a young girl who sat beside her mom yelled with excitement.

It was such an impactful evening. The villagers thanked the old man as everyone retired to their huts.

Lesson 1.

“With respect I speak to you…”

You don’t have to yell at or attack people to convince them to do what you want. “In a gentle way, you can shake the world” – Mahatma Gandhi

Lesson 2.

“The farmer dictates his destiny… ”

You have to be deliberate about what you want out of life.

Lesson 3.

“The farmer puts in the soil exactly what he wants out of the soil”

Whatever you sow, you shall reap.

Lesson 4.

“The farmer is willing to get dirty as long as he eats and feeds his family”

This doesn’t mean the farmer steals to satisfy his needs. The farmer is just willing to endure hard labor for the sake of himself and his family.

Lesson 5.

“The farmer is a nurturer”.

Learn to nurture your dreams.

Lesson 6.

“The farmer is patient while he nurtures…”

It isn’t just about waiting, it is about what you do while you wait.

Lesson 7.

“Because he can sell and feed his family at the same time…”

There’s nothing wrong with monetizing your products or service.

Lesson 8.

“After placing his seeds in the soil, he looks after it”

Just because you have a dream doesn’t mean you shouldn’t protect it.

Lesson 9

“But he knows when it is likely to yield…”

Have a time line to achieve some of your dreams or targets.

Lesson 10.

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