Side Mirror ( Raw Review Of The #Endsars Protest).

By : Mr Mih

I’ve been really quiet on here for a while. Been dealing with a couple of emotional and mental stress.

The #Endsars Protest added to it.

The #Endsars Protest was about Nigerian youth campaigning against police brutality.

The protest has been on for a while now but the government has treated the issue with a nonchalant vibe.

The Nigerian youth took to the streets with a peaceful protest to get their message clear and straight to the government.

The peaceful protest went on really well until hoodlums and touts (Probably sponsored) hijacked the peaceful protest and turned it into violence.

On the 20th of October 2020 (20-10-2020), the “#Lekkimassacre happened.

Harmless citizens of Nigeria peacefully protesting were shot at NOT by hoodlums or thugs but by military squads.

Many died and many were injured. It was a pathetic situation.

As I put this together, there’s no sign of remorse from the government over this terrible incident.

Of course, the remorse of the government won’t bring the dead back.

Not showing any remorse only validates that Nigeria is in a terrible mess. A country where lives DON’T matter.

The #Endsars Protest carried a lot of weight, blood, tears and hope with it.

I learnt a couple of lessons from the #Endsars protest. I learnt that ;

  • Confronting Your Mess Is A Great Idea : For too long, Nigerians has been sleeping. They’ve been denying/ignoring how terrible the country is. Now that we are starting to wake up and confront our own decadence, we have a shot at REAL independence and freedom.
  • Nothing Is Funny When You’re Failing Horribly : The #Endsars peaceful Protest was one of the best protest in the history of the country. The protest was about putting an end to police brutality. Unnecessary deaths and being ripped off needed to stop. All hands were on deck until hoodlums and touts hijacked the peaceful protest. It was a very organized protest with a clear message – #Endpolicebrutality. Many celebrities supported the movement including the finest comedians in the country. It was far from being funny.
  • Every Voice Matters : Especially when different voices come together and chant one message with certainty. If the protest wasn’t hijacked by touts, I was 100% certain that significant change was about to happen. I couldn’t help but remember the wise words of Mahatma Gandhi ; “In a gentle way, you can shake the world”.
  • Hope And Prayer Alone Isn’t Enough : Nigeria is one of the most religious countries in the world. It’s been a long time coming since the country has been praying and hoping to get better with almost nothing to show for it. The #Endsars Protest was a movement (Action) that opened the eyes of many Nigerians to exactly how ugly the country situation is. The #Lekkimassacre exposed many Nigerians to how brutal and how unsafe the country is. Read more about the #Lekkimassacre HERE. Without the courage of the Nigerian youth to pull off a peaceful protest, we would still be living in silent pain and silent complaints.

Conclusion :

It appears like the peaceful #Endsars protest is over now. The need/call for REAL change in the country is far from over. I also believe that REAL change is near. Lastly, R.I.P to those heroes who lost their lives in the hands of brutal military men just because they asked for a safer and better country in a peaceful manner.

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