3 Dangerous Habits That’s Preventing You From Reaching Success.

By : Mr Mih

My last 3 – 5 articles has been incredibly short. This is going to be on the list.

Success doesn’t happen by mistake. It happens as a result of what we do and sometimes what we fail to do.

In this case, habits are what we repeatedly do.

Here’s a list of top 3 habits that could be ruining your chances of success :

1. Not Spreading Your Tentacles :

This is the same as sticking to your comfort zone AND this isn’t limited to doing hard stuff or trying new things.

It grossly involves not making new friends.

We seem to be “Ok” with our old friends, old place and even old ideas.

When we ought to seek adventure, new experiences and new people.

NOTE : This isn’t about adding to the list.

This isn’t just about adding new friends or new experiences.

This is about adding quality friends and experiences to YOUR list… BUT

You can’t add quality to your list if you hold on to the old ones…. You’ll end up with the SAME old thing.

Spread your tentacles. Seek new adventures and seek new friends.

Albert Einstein once said ; “Doing the same thing and expecting a change is insanity“.

2. Being Envious :

Don’t be jealous, be inspired” – Brad Lea

This is going to hold you back and even chain you down.

If you fail to recognize or acknowledge success, you’ll never have it.

Instead of getting envious, try getting inspired by it.

People around you will definitely win, you WILL win too. Don’t be stupidly impatient.

Just because people around you are winning doesn’t mean you won’t.

As a matter of fact, when people around you are winning, it only signifies that SUCCESS IS REAL.

When next you see someone else winning, ACKNOWLEDGE it. Get inspired by it…. Then ;

Go bury your head in work!

3. Revealing Your Plans To Everyone :

Talk is cheap.

I once read somewhere ; “When we tell others our plans, our brain feels a satisfaction as though the plan is already accomplished”.

When you reveal your plans to EVERYONE, you’re doing yourself more harm than you realize.

You can reveal your plans to your close circle – They can help you get there.

Telling your plans to the world doesn’t bring your plans to fruition – Why bother?

You might NOT fully understand this but let me leave you with this ;

We don’t want to tell our dreams, we want to show it” – Cristiano Ronaldo

Have a great week,

Success Is Real!

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Published by Mr Mih Inspirations

Mr Mih is a certified Chemist, Writer , Content creator, Public speaker, Self-help Coach, Blogger, Editor, Movie Director, and ultimately a Doer . He is the CEO of Mr Mih Inspirations, a body created to help others bring out the light (Potential) in themselves. He is passionate about getting his game to the next level and helping others do the same. His Mantra ; "Attack Or Be Attacked"! Contact @ thesuperiors3@gmail.com

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