The Truth About 2021 And How To Take Advantage.

By : Mr Mih In the era of social media, technology and different inventions springing out daily, force is almost no longer needed. Intelligence plus clear intention is the game now. In the 20s/40s (Of course, I wasn’t born at the time), force and power was key. You needed to be muscular, strong and giantContinue reading “The Truth About 2021 And How To Take Advantage.”

Secrets To Having A Great Work Ethic.

By : Mr Mih Ever since I was a kid, I’ve always been the energetic kid.Full of life and full of vibes. I’m still the same till today. l don’t mind losing sleep till I finish that project. That’s just me. As I grow older, I realized having a great work ethic is an incredibleContinue reading “Secrets To Having A Great Work Ethic.”

A Simple Mental Hack That You Can Use To Handle Fear And Uncertainty.

By : Mr Mih Hey, have you ever been scared? Have you ever felt uncertain about your future or about your next moves? Have you ever being in trouble? As much as I hate to admit it, I live in fear every single day – Usually scared about my future. Every single day, fear crawlsContinue reading “A Simple Mental Hack That You Can Use To Handle Fear And Uncertainty.”