Friday Yang : Why You Need To Count Your Blessings Every Morning.

By : Mr Mih I was in a hurry. I just left a boring meeting. I was waiting for a cab to pick me up. There stood a young beautiful lady. Right beside me. She wore a beautiful wristwatch. Wiping my forehead with my handkerchief, I asked her ; “What’s the time please?” She smiledContinue reading “Friday Yang : Why You Need To Count Your Blessings Every Morning.”

Success Principles From 35,000 Ft.

By : MR MIH Quick message here my friends ; To have more, we need to be GRATEFUL for what we have already. Then, we need to keep on with a great attitude. And if we cycle around those two points long enough ; Gratitude + Attitude It would then lead us to what weContinue reading “Success Principles From 35,000 Ft.”