REVEALED : Why I Love And Hate People And How It Can Help Your Relationship.

By; Mr Mih Sincerely ; I love people. I love being around lots and lots of people. The smiling happy faces makes me tickle. I love the different opinions. I love the different vibes. I love the different mentality. Hold on!!!! That doesn’t mean I love people blindly I still keep my eyes wide open.Continue reading “REVEALED : Why I Love And Hate People And How It Can Help Your Relationship.”

Success Principles From 35,000 Ft.

By : MR MIH Quick message here my friends ; To have more, we need to be GRATEFUL for what we have already. Then, we need to keep on with a great attitude. And if we cycle around those two points long enough ; Gratitude + Attitude It would then lead us to what weContinue reading “Success Principles From 35,000 Ft.”

Why You Need To Put Yourself In The “I-Have-To-Win” Situation.

By : Mr Mih I’m going to keep this really brief, pay attention. Remember the popular saying of Eric Thomas? “When you want success as bad as you want to breathe, you’ll be successful”. This is a saying that I suggest everyone should live by. We live in a society where everyone is patting themselvesContinue reading “Why You Need To Put Yourself In The “I-Have-To-Win” Situation.”