Why Africa Is Behind And Why Africa Needs To Wake Up.

By : Mr Mih “I KNOW EVERYTHING!!!” I mean to cause no trouble… But the statement above is why Africa as a continent is behind. We might remain behind for a very long time too. Sounds harsh? You know it’s true. We never say we know everything in words. Because we play “fake” humility. ButContinue reading “Why Africa Is Behind And Why Africa Needs To Wake Up.”

Reaching For My Light

By : Mr Mih Confronting my darkness. So I can reach my light. In silence, I prayed. Amongst friends, I play. Deep down, I’m afraid. It was all a display. Then I went inside my head. I found monsters. Implanted by humans. Wicked whispers And nonverbal signals Yelling ; We don’t want you to standContinue reading “Reaching For My Light”