When Last Did You See On Rainbow.

By : Mr Mih The rainbow signifies freedom. That’s right ; Freedom of expression.Although it has different colors but when those colors are mixed together, it turns white.White represents peace.What’s the difference between peace and freedom?For me, freedom is peace.Creativity lies in the freedom of NOT being scared of making mistakes.In peace, there’s power.Power comesContinue reading “When Last Did You See On Rainbow.”

5 Secrets Of Success Revealed From A Village In Africa.

By : Mr Mih “If wisdom was human, he would have a lot of experience, and he would speak less” . As usual, the villagers sat under the tree in a circular form. It was a full moon night and it was starting to get a little bit cold. Nobody cared about the weather. TheyContinue reading “5 Secrets Of Success Revealed From A Village In Africa.”