Why iPhone Users Are Dumb (Based On A True Life Story)

By : Mr Mih “iPhone users are dumb!” “Infact iPhone is a stupid phone” “Why would you use your hard earned money to buy such a dumb phone?” This guy yelled continuously. “What’s even special about the phone?” “Isn’t it just a phone? Just to receive and make phone calls?” He kept on ranting. JudgingContinue reading “Why iPhone Users Are Dumb (Based On A True Life Story)”

3 Dangerous Habits That’s Preventing You From Reaching Success.

By : Mr Mih My last 3 – 5 articles has been incredibly short. This is going to be on the list. Success doesn’t happen by mistake. It happens as a result of what we do and sometimes what we fail to do. In this case, habits are what we repeatedly do. Here’s a listContinue reading “3 Dangerous Habits That’s Preventing You From Reaching Success.”

The Art Of Being Carefree.

By : Mr Mih While majority of the population is playing to get validation from external sources. From friends. From family members. Or from a community. Maybe you need to try something else. Making other people’s judgements or perception to judge yourself is a mental prison. One of the most dangerous form of being enslaved.Continue reading “The Art Of Being Carefree.”