Secrets To Having A Great Work Ethic.

By : Mr Mih Ever since I was a kid, I’ve always been the energetic kid.Full of life and full of vibes. I’m still the same till today. l don’t mind losing sleep till I finish that project. That’s just me. As I grow older, I realized having a great work ethic is an incredibleContinue reading “Secrets To Having A Great Work Ethic.”

Communication 101 – Simple Communication Secrets You Were Not Taught In School.

BY : Mr Mih A lot of people think communication is all about noise OR How long you talk OR Even how smart you sound. Unfortunately (As I recently discovered) its not. Communication isn’t just about talking. It’s about INFLUENCE. It’s about getting what we want. Talk is cheap is what they say BUT WhenContinue reading “Communication 101 – Simple Communication Secrets You Were Not Taught In School.”

5 Secret Things You Need To Ignore To Experience Real Productivity.

By : Mr Mih Hey,You don’t have to make wrong an idea just because….. You DESPERATELY want to sound right. You don’t have to soil someone else’s reputation just because ; You want to look holy. Hey, you don’t have to act like a victim. Just because you need help. There’s NOTHING wrong with askingContinue reading “5 Secret Things You Need To Ignore To Experience Real Productivity.”

Side Mirror ( Raw Review Of The #Endsars Protest).

By : Mr Mih I’ve been really quiet on here for a while. Been dealing with a couple of emotional and mental stress. The #Endsars Protest added to it. The #Endsars Protest was about Nigerian youth campaigning against police brutality. The protest has been on for a while now but the government has treated theContinue reading “Side Mirror ( Raw Review Of The #Endsars Protest).”

When Last Did You See On Rainbow.

By : Mr Mih The rainbow signifies freedom. That’s right ; Freedom of expression.Although it has different colors but when those colors are mixed together, it turns white.White represents peace.What’s the difference between peace and freedom?For me, freedom is peace.Creativity lies in the freedom of NOT being scared of making mistakes.In peace, there’s power.Power comesContinue reading “When Last Did You See On Rainbow.”