Why Google Doesn’t Have All The Answers.

“Knowledge Comes From Learning. Wisdom Comes From Living” – Anthony Douglas Williams Just last year, I was depressed. Real depression. I was broken on the inside. My depression had nothing to do with Corona and all the drama. It was personal. I looked up Google for solutions but didn’t get any. Some tips appeared onContinue reading “Why Google Doesn’t Have All The Answers.”

Friday Yang : Why You Need To Count Your Blessings Every Morning.

By : Mr Mih I was in a hurry. I just left a boring meeting. I was waiting for a cab to pick me up. There stood a young beautiful lady. Right beside me. She wore a beautiful wristwatch. Wiping my forehead with my handkerchief, I asked her ; “What’s the time please?” She smiledContinue reading “Friday Yang : Why You Need To Count Your Blessings Every Morning.”

Who Loves A Boring Movie?

Then at the end of the movie, you said something like ; “It was a good storyline but the actors were terrible”. No vibes. No excitement. Just drama. Pointless drama. Hardly can you watch that kind of movie to the end. You’ll simply fall asleep. Even if you make it to the end, what usuallyContinue reading “Who Loves A Boring Movie?”

Secrets To Having A Great Work Ethic.

By : Mr Mih Ever since I was a kid, I’ve always been the energetic kid.Full of life and full of vibes. I’m still the same till today. l don’t mind losing sleep till I finish that project. That’s just me. As I grow older, I realized having a great work ethic is an incredibleContinue reading “Secrets To Having A Great Work Ethic.”