At Last : How To Gradually Become Powerful.

By : Mr Mih (Make It Happen) Power has a lot of connotations. Some see it as a good or bad thing. Some see it as a tool. I see power as the ability to get what you want. Do I have your attention? Look, everybody wants something, there’s no doubt about that. Not everyoneContinue reading “At Last : How To Gradually Become Powerful.”

Communication 201 – Quick Tip On How To Keep Any Conversation Interesting.

By : MR MIH My phone was dead! He refused to talk. I refused to speak. Now, I’m getting pissed. It’s getting weird. It’s becoming uncomfortable. I’m now disgusted. What can I do? There’s no way to go. We were at the middle of a wedding ceremony. Standing up now would be a distraction. Now,Continue reading “Communication 201 – Quick Tip On How To Keep Any Conversation Interesting.”

Why You Need To Put Yourself In The “I-Have-To-Win” Situation.

By : Mr Mih I’m going to keep this really brief, pay attention. Remember the popular saying of Eric Thomas? “When you want success as bad as you want to breathe, you’ll be successful”. This is a saying that I suggest everyone should live by. We live in a society where everyone is patting themselvesContinue reading “Why You Need To Put Yourself In The “I-Have-To-Win” Situation.”